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In a calendar year , maximum 3 senior members  of ORSI are awarded Fellowship based on the assessment by the standing committee on the merit of the contributions towards the promotion & development of Operational Research & approved by the Central Council of ORSI Certificate on Fellow is Presented.

 For objective assessment of the nominations for consideration of Fellowship of Operational Research Society of India, the following criteria of assessment may be used:

  1. Educational background:Outstanding (First Rank Holder althrough), Excellent (University Rank Holder), Good (Masters/PhD degree), Average (No Masters degree) and Poor (No Graduation degree).
  2. Professional achievement:Outstanding (Highest Ranking and more than one fellowship of professional bodies), Excellent (Highest position and fellowship of professional body), Good (Academic position high and member of one or two professional body), Average (Lower academic rank and member of one and two professional body) and Poor (Professional achievement in academic institution lower than the top and no professional body).

iii. Research capability: Outstanding (Greater than twenty publications, monographs, greater than one textbook), Excellent (Eleven to twenty Papers and one textbook), Good (Five to ten publications), Average (No publication in reputed/international journal) and Poor (No publication).

  1. Contribution towards promotion and development of Operation Research:Outstanding (Greater than two or four conference, two or four overseas collaboration), Excellent (Two or four conference, two or four overseas collaboration), Good (Good conference, collaboration activities), Average (One workshop, one conference) and Poor – No Operations Research promotional activities like workshop, conference, society formation)

The relevant excerpts on provisions of Fellowship of ORSI as provided in the Constitution of the Society are noted below for your reference please.

 Fellow: A Senior Member will be considered for Fellowship by the Central Council of ORSI, if the following conditions are fulfilled.

  1. He / She is a Senior member.
  1. He / She should have no financial dues to the Society at the time of his/her nomination.

 III.             His / Her nomination should have been duly proposed and seconded by two Fellows / Senior Members of ORSI or initiated by the Central Council.

  1. He / She should have made outstanding contributions towards the promotion and development of Operational Research. The merit of the contributions will be assessed by a committee comprising the immediate past President as Chairman and the Hon. Secretary as Convener. They are authorized to co-opt two experts (not necessarily members of ORSI). The recommendations of the Committee will be placed at a business session of the Central Council for approval or otherwise. The Committee shall meet in June every year.
  2. His / Her fellowship shall be ratified at the Annual General Meeting, after acceptance by the Central Council.
  3. Not more than 50 (fifty) Fellows would be on the rolls of the Society at a point of time. Not more than 3 (three) Senior Members would be awarded Fellowship in a calendar year. The nomination for fellowshipwill remain valid for 3 (three) years.

Please forward the nomination for fellowship along with the C. V. of the nominee for consideration by the Standing Committee by 14th November 2018. The list of existing fellows can be viewed  in the website of the Society at under Membership icon. Please forward the nomination(s) for the person(s), whom you would like to nominate, in the prescribed pro-forma attached herewith latest by November 14th 2018.

The detailed application with the CV of the prospective nominations can be sent electronically to                 

Prof. Bijan Sarkar

Hon Secretary, ORSI

Professor, Department of Production Engineering

Jadavpur University, Kolkata

email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone(M)  : 9831795761